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Mural Passport

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Mural Passport is a creative and interactive journal for documenting your adventures. You can use it as a travel journal, a souvenir book, or to keep memories of your favorite works of street art. It will be a snapshot of life as it unfolds. Sketch your own version of your favorite murals, or include Polaroids.

Mural Passport is a tool for recording your memories, an invitation to go do, and a passport to an artistic miracle world. We at Mural Passport want to help you create more memories. The Mural Passport contains entry logs to record meaningful details of each mural questing experience. Travel the world through its art. Use it on your next adventure and collect memories and murals from around town or the globe. Enjoy the journey!

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  • 48 page Mural Passport

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    Get Outside and see Art
  • 48 page Mural Passport
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  • Support Local CommunityGet Outside and see Art
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Mural Passport

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